Friday, July 11, 2008

I'm on STRIKE!!! {LOL!!!}

Till I get my new stamps!!! Just kidding!!!! :D I have been desperately waiting on some stamps to arrive and I keep checking the mail to see if they've come and have just ended up disappointed every time!!! So...I'm not making anything new till they show up! LOL!!! :D

Actually I have been working on some birthday invites for a birthday party me and my siblings will be throwing for ourselves in a couple of weeks!!! I can't believe I will be 31 in a few weeks...{ack!!!} :D I think I have said this before but I am a triplet and even though we are older we still LOVE to celebrate our birthday together and always find something FUN to do!!! Do you remember this card I did for one of Marjorie's color challenges?!?!?! We'll this is going to be the invites we send out to a few of our closest friends and family. There will be swimming, outdoor games and food and I just thought these went perfect for the type of party we are having, I can't wait!!! :D I just LOVE birthdays and I love spending them with the ones I love!!! :D

I hope to get back to making cards soon, cross your fingers that all my stamps come today!!! :D LOL!!! Wouldn't that be FUN, the only problem is I wouldn't know which one to ink up first...LOL!!! :D Sorry there was no card to show but I do appreciate you stopping by, off to work I go!!! Take care! :D

Have a fabulous day!!! :D


Barb W said...

Although I am disappointed..sniff, sniff, sniff...I hear you about waiting for new stamps to arrive. I've been checking everyday and nothing! I hope you have a great weekend, and I look forward to when BOTH of us, receive new stamps! ;D

Stacy said...

That is so awesome that you are a triplet!!! I bet your birthday will be fun. :-)
I love that you are "on strike". I know how frustrating it can be to wait and wait on an order.
I'm not on strike, just unmotivated... and taking care of a sick little girl.
Have a great weekend!

My Paper World said...

Hope your new stamps arrive soon! xx

Scrapping Julie said...

i did not know you were a triplet!
how fun that must be!!!
the invite is very cute!
I just got my CTMH order today wooohoooo. fingers crossed you get yours soon

Kim said...

Sounds like the party is going to be a lot of fun and I checked out your invite and it looks fabulous!

Kariberry said...

The waiting is the hardest. I'm waiting on an order myself.
Happy early Birthday!! That is soo cool you are "one of three", you dont hear that to often. Can't wait to see the invites. Have a great weekend!

Stacey said...

Can't believe you are a triplet?! That is so cool. Bet it was a nightmare for your parents when you were bubbas though!

The invitation you are thinking of is perfect! Your guests are going to love it :o)

Tickle Me Pink said...

Wow that is so neat that you're a triplet!!! I hope you guys have a blast at your party, that card is so perfect for the summer. My hubby is also turning 31 this year, mwahaha! But not until August ^_~ Have a wonderful weekend girl, and I hope your stamps get today!!

Carolina said...

LOL - thanks for a the laugh, love the title of your post.

What a great card for your birthday party, such summer fun - hope you have an amazing birthday!!!