Monday, May 18, 2009

A Quick Little Question?!?!

Hey there everyone! I have a quick question for anyone who can help me out. I recently purchased the Making Memories Ribbon Slot Punch and I'm having a hard time punching the paper. It says that you can use the instant setter or hammer with it, so I bought the hammer. I tried using it last night, but you could only see the outline of the punch, it never really punched the paper through.

So my question is "What am I doing wrong?" Does the instant setter work better? What do you set your cardstock on before hammering the punch? Ok, I realize that was more than one question...I got a little carried away! LOL!!! :) Ok, anyone who can help me would be greatly appreciated. I have been wanting this punch for a while now and now that I finally got it, I can 't use it properly. Go figure! :) Have a great afternoon! ~ Jenn


Giffysk8s said...

I am so clueless about this, but I wanted to say hi anyway! :) Hope you figure out how to use it!

Stacey said...

Oh no! The only thing I can think is that you haven't hit it hard enough or perhaps that your card is too thick. Does it work on some thinner paper? If not, I'd take it/send it back and ask for a replacement - perhaps you got a duff one?

I've been wanting one of these for ages too but always talk myself out of it as it seems very pricey for a tiny bit of plastic! ~♥~