Friday, March 14, 2008


Hey everyone...I hope you all are having a great Friday!!!:D I know I haven't posted any artwork for a while, but I've have not been feeling well and just been very busy trying to get my class together for today. You know...who's attending, cutting paper, packing everything I need (checking my list constantly making sure I have everything I need)!!!! Anywho...Marjorie nominated me for the You Make My Day SWEET was that!!!!

Thanks Marjorie!!! Now I need to nominate 5 people and they are Carolina because she always has fabulous work to share and her detail is just impecable!!! Jo because I really like her creative style. Toni because she always finds time to leave the sweetest comments on my posts!!!! Sparkle because I am always inspired when I see her artwork, and last but not least Andria because I just love everything she creates!!!! :D
Hope everyone has a great wkend!!!! :D

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Carolina said...

You are such a doll...thanks so much for the award! Hope you're feeling much better!